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Weekly Market Report - Vol.14, No.21 Oct 5, 2015
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• Tilapia fish prices continue to go up in Jinja market as demand from outside countries increases
• Prices of chicken in Kabale hike as prices of chicken feeds increase
• Scarcity of Apple banana hits Kasese Market
• Prices of dry beans drop in Mbarara market as supply increases

Previous Weekly Market Reports

Weekly Market Report Vol 14 , No.20 Sep 28, 2015

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• Prices of Irish potatoes escalate in Fort portal Market due low supply
• Local Chicken prices in Gulu Market remain constant
• Matooke prices in Isingiro market continue rising due to scarcity
• Milk floods Iganga Market thus drop in price

Weekly Market Report Vol 14 , No.19 Sep 21, 2015

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• Prices of Cavendish Bogoya hike in Iganga Market
• Matooke prices increase in Isingiro Market due to high demand
• Cowpeas prices continue to rise in Masindi Market
• Prices of Simsim drop in Jinja Market as harvest starts

Weekly Market Report Vol 14 , No.18 Sep 14, 2015

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• Supply of Irish potatoes drops in Mbale market thus hike in prices
• Prices of beans in Nakasero Market increase due to high demand from Schools
• Milk prices in Mbarara Market start to drop as the rainy season starts
• In Jinja Market Cow peas prices continue to go high because of scarcity.

Weekly Market Report Vol 14 , No.17 Sep 7, 2015

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• Prices of Soya beans drop in Lira due increase in supply
• Prices of Turkey escalate in Arua Market due to scarcity
• Matooke prices continue going as transportation cost increase
• Beef prices drop in Kalerwe due to increase in supply of the commodity

Weekly Market Report Vol 14 , No.16 Aug 31, 2015

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• Prices of Turkey Escalate in Owino market due to scarcity
• Increase in supply of sun flower hits Lira Market however prices remain constant
• Scarcity of Cavendish Bogoya hits Masindi Market thus hike in price.
• Prices of Maize Flour in Mbale continue dropping as Supply of maize grain is still high

Weekly Market Report Vol 14 , No.15 Aug 24, 2015

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• Hike in prices of Matooke hits Fort portal Market due to change in season
• Prices of cow peas in Iganga Market drop as supply increases
• Milk prices continue to hike in Masindi due to the dry season thus scarcity
• Drop in supply of fresh cassava in Owino market thus hike in prices

Weekly Market Report Vol 14 , No.13 Aug 17, 2015

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• Prices of beans in Fort Portal market increase due to high demand.
• Scarcity of groundnuts hits Mbale market.
• Plenty of irish potatoes were supplied in Iganga market leading to a price decrease.
• Prices of dry fermented cassava in Arua market increase due to low supply.

Weekly Market Report Vol 14 , No.12 Aug 10, 2015

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• Maize grain prices continue to drop in Kiboga Market due to too much supply
• Prices of Local chicken drop in Iganga Market due to low demand from consumers.
• Hike in prices of Pineapples hits Mbale market due low supply.
• Prices of beans in Fort portal Market continue to increase due to drop in supply of the commodity.

Weekly Market Report Vol 14 , No.11 Aug 3, 2015

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• Maize grain prices continue to drop in most markets as harvest season continues
• Prices of Matooke hike in Nakasero market due to its shortage
• Scarcity of Yellow beans hits Soroti market thus hike in price
• Supply of Millet grain increases in Owino market due the ongoing harvest season

Weekly Market Report Vol 14 , No.10 Jul 27, 2015

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• Sweet potato prices drastically drop in Arua market due to low demand
• Matooke prices in Fort portal continue to drop due to high supply
• Prices of Cavendish Bogoya drop as fasting period comes to an end
• Hike in prices of Tilapia hits Soroti Market due to low supply
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