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Weekly Market Report - Vol.18, No.13 Jan 15, 2018
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Greetings from FIT Insights Limited { INFOTRADE}

Happy New Year 2018. We are in the process of upgrading our systems. By 1st March 2018 the Infotrade Uganda will have a facelift.

Secondly, users of the Weekly Market Insights briefs will be required to subscribe for the service to access the fully report. You can subscribe as a individual at ( 60,000 UGX p.a) or Corporate at (120,000 UGX p.a) if you are interested please email ; info@fitinsightsgroup.com or infotrade@fitinsightsgroup.com or call 0775 668617 / 256 414 532 393

We are posting the december 2017 report for free. Take a look.

Previous Weekly Market Reports

Weekly Market Report Vol 17 , No.12 Oct 23, 2017

( 583.62KB)
• Maize Grain prices drop in Nakasero Market
• Increased supply of Yellow Beans in Jinja Market thus drop in prices
• Decrease in Milk prices across most Markets
• Increase in Matooke prices across most Markets

Weekly Market Report Vol 17 , No.11 Aug 28, 2017

( 241.65KB)
• Local chicken prices significantly drop across most markets
• The price of Simsim sharply drops in Hoima market.
• Matooke prices drop tremendously in Lira Market.
• Hike in prices of Tilapia in Kamuli market.
• Sharp increase in the price of super rice in Hoima market

Weekly Market Report Vol 17 , No.10 Aug 21, 2017

( 589.07KB)
• The average price of Matooke across the markets drops.
• The average price of Nile perch increases across the markets.
• The average prices of Tilapia slightly increases in all markets.
• The price of Beef remains constant across the markets.

Weekly Market Report Vol 17 , No.9 Jul 31, 2017

( 542.95KB)
• All commodity prices remain constant in Owino market.

• The price of a bunch of Matooke increases in Nakawa Market.

• The price of a tilapia drops in Nakawa Market and increases in Kiboga Market.

• The price of exotic chicken increases in Soroti Market.

Weekly Market Report Vol 17 , No.8 Jul 24, 2017

( 600.61KB)
• Prices of chicken local drop in Hoima market
• Milk prices remain stable in Kamuli, Jinja and Kalerwe markets
• Maize grain prices drop in Mbale ,Nakawa ,Jinja markets
• Sunflower prices drop in Lira market

Weekly Market Report Vol 17 , No.7 Jun 26, 2017

( 690.18KB)
• Groundnuts prices drop in Busia Market due to increased supply
• Prices of local chicken drop in Lira market
• Prices of goat meat escalate in Katuna Market

Weekly Market Report Vol 17 , No.6 Jun 19, 2017

( 469.63KB)
• Sharp decline in Turkey prices in Nakasero market
• Matooke prices drop in Lira and Masindi markets
• Millet Grain prices drop in Kalerwe market

Weekly Market Report Vol 17 , No.5 Jun 12, 2017

( 471.02KB)
• Groundnut prices drop in Lira and Iganga markets
• Maize grain and flour prices escalate in Mbale market
• Matooke prices hike in Owino market
• Simsim prices drop in Nakawa market
• Tilapia prices increase in Kiboga market

Weekly Market Report Vol 17 , No.4 Jun 5, 2017

( 663.18KB)
• Matooke prices escalate in Luwero market
• Yellow beans prices drop in Kalerwe market
• Turkey prices appreciate in both Owino and Jinja markets
• Cavendish (Bogoya) prices spiral in Nakawa market

Weekly Market Report Vol 17 , No.3 May 29, 2017

( 713.68KB)
• Yellow beans prices drop in Lira market
• Matooke prices escalate in Owino market
• Exotic chicken prices increase in Jinja market
• Tilapia prices drop in Kabale market
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